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Dealing With Street Harassment

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Despite many laws against sexual harassment in India, one of the most common forms of harassment that often goes unreported and ignored is street harassment faced by women. It is commonly referred to as ‘eve-teasing’.

According to the website, a report released in 2016 says, about 40% of women surveyed reported that they have been sexually harassed in a public place such as a bus or park in the past year. Most of these crimes occurred during daytime. Furthermore, 33% of women had stopped going out in public and 17% said they quit their jobs rather than face harassment in public places. The statistics are definitely alarming and scary. The very thought of the possibility of your daughter also becoming a victim to such harassment will make you uneasy. Don’t worry. First of all, you need to educate yourself on this and then give tips to your daughter in facing this issue.

There are different forms of street harassment prevalent, especially in India - voyeurism, touching or groping, catcalling, whistling or comments, and stalking. Not only does it happen when a woman is alone, but also in crowded places. And, not only does it happen at night, but also in broad daylight. A woman needs to be alert on the streets and raise an alarm if she faces any of the above. The key is not to show fear or anxiety, so that the harasser is not encouraged to repeat it. Women need to show confidence and retaliate in the right way.

To know more about the different forms of street harassment and tips to follow for personal safety, flip through the ClipBook by our partner Safecity.

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