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Fun Science Experiments For Kids

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Science is a subject that evokes curiosity and interest in every child. Learning science allows a child to understand the world around him and how he fits into the environment. Science gives rise to questions in a child’s mind and encourages him to search for answers to them, thus adding to his knowledge. The best way for a child to learn science is through activities and experiments. So, it’s important that you let your child perform easy and safe science experiments, and allow him to explore the magical world of science.

You can introduce your child to science in several ways like providing him with science experiment kits or using simple materials available at home to do some demonstrations and projects. Educational science kits are the safest way for a child to learn science. These kits are a mixture of education and fun, and help the child learn the practical aspects of science. These kits are available for all branches of science and can teach your child scientific concepts that they can apply to everyday life. If you do not have science kits at home, you can come up with your own demonstrations like making eggshell geode crystals, soap-powered model boat, making a paperclip float, or bending water with static electricity. At the end of the demonstration, you can ask your child some questions related to the experiment and explain to him why and how things happened. Encourage him to do it by himself the next time, but remember to be present to supervise and help him.

You can know more about some fun experiments by flipping through the pages of our ClipBook.


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