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Helping Teens Make The Best Use Of Youtube

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Get The Best Out Of Youtube

YouTube is a cool tool not just for entertainment but also for effective learning. It opens up never-before possibilities for learning. Read on for some practical tips... YouTube is a vast ocean of content. It has everything from kindergarten les...

All About Youtube

YouTube started as a simple idea between three PayPal co-workers in late 2004. A year-and-a-half later, their idea morphed into a $1.65 billion payday and millions of videos being available to the public. Click on the link to read more of this inc...

Teenagers And Social Media

The online world can be a complicated one, but that doesn't mean that your teen has to get lost in its murky depths. Use this guide to help your teen reap social media's many benefits without experiencing a total-life takeover.

10 Things You Need To Do When Getting Started On Youtube

The most important thing you’ll need for a successful YouTube channel is probably something you already have — an understanding of who your audience is and what kinds of things they find valuable.

10 Fascinating Youtube Facts

There is a ton of interesting data and stats to be learned about YouTube. We have delved deep to find 10 fascinating facts about YouTube.

Must Read For Parents With Daughters On Youtube

With young YouTubers seemingly everywhere, from their own YouTube channels to The Ellen Show to Dancing with the Stars, it’s not surprising that many kids are looking to Youtube with an entrepreneurial eye.

What Teens Really Think About Youtube And Other Social Media

Teenagers have a wide array of interests so it is hard to pin down specific YouTube accounts or topics they specifically like.

Teen Youtube Statistics

A survey from digital content company Defy Media  digs deeper into why digital media stars have captured the hearts of young people.

How Teens Use Youtube And Social Media

Huffington Post writer Chloe Spencer says why and how her fellow teenagers perceive and interact with online video differently from their older counterparts. She also gives some great advice for getting teens to stay out of serious trouble by post...

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