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How To Raise A Happy Child

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Your child’s happiness is more than just an emotion; it could be a habit, that could become a way of life. While most parents regard their child's happiness as fleeting moments of celebration and joy over getting what she wants, it is much more complex.

Eric Baker in his article, 'How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science', published in Time, provides a few tips on how to raise happy children. According to him, “Sometimes it’s hard to balance what’s best for children with what makes them happy — but the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.” True, you need to strike a balance between your idea of well-being and your little one’s idea of happiness. Staying healthy is essential for your child's happiness. So, you can try to combine activities that are fun and healthy to achieve this balance. For instance, you can encourage your child to take part in a team sport. This will increase her confidence, win her more friends and become more team-spirited and happy. It will also take care of her physical fitness and health.

But in most circumstances, happiness stems from within, and not necessarily from being gifted a new toy, winning a competition, etc. According to an article in Aha! Parenting, “Happiness turns out to be less a result of luck and external circumstance than a product of our own mental, emotional, and physical habits, which create the body chemistry that determines our happiness level.” Hence it is also necessary to inculcate positivity in your child’s thinking and behaviour to help him have a happy childhood.

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