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How Was The Earth Formed?

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Science is an integral part of your child’s studies and will greatly stimulate his cognition. But if you have an extra curious one at home, he would want to know all about earth - its formation, constellations, outer space and everything even before he is enrolled in primary school. Not just to ease his curiosity and answer his question, but also to educate yourself, you need to know about one of the greatest mysteries in the history of planetary science – how was the earth formed?

According to a research article in physicsworld.com, “It is believed that core formation occurred when the Solar System was very young – less than 30 million years old. The Earth formed from a cloud of dust and gas, and material began to come together to form kilometre-sized planets known as “planetisimals”. These planetisimals rapidly joined together to form larger planets, thousands of kilometres in diameter. Researchers think that the Earth had already formed a core at this early stage.”

The universe we live in is made up of a universe of marvels and wonders. From stars and galaxies to planets and meteoroids, the outer space contains as many fascinating things as there are about the earth’s formation. To learn more about our planet’s science and also the other celestial beings, take a look through this ClipBook.


Timeline - The Earth Formed From A Vast Gas And Dust Cloud

The Earth is thought to have been formed about 4.6 billion years ago by collisions in the giant disc-shaped cloud of material that also formed the Sun. Gravity slowly gathered this gas and dust together into clumps that became asteroids and small ...

Photo Timeline: How The Earth Formed

It's hard to know when the Earth first formed, because no rocks have survived from the planet's earliest days. While scientists disagree on the details, most researchers think Earth formed by a series of collisions that took place less than 100 mi...

The Creation Of The World – According To Science

How was the world created? People have asked this ever since they could ask anything, and answers have come from all sides: from religion, tradition, philosophy, mysticism and science.

Where Did The Earth Come From? - According To The Bible

The Bible gives a very specific accounting of events of the earth's beginnings. In contrast to the above quote from Cazeau, the Bible's order of events is perfect as far as today's science can confirm.

How The Earth's Core Was Formed

The Earth is thought to be made of a metallic core surrounded by a silicate shell, but the origins of this structure are one of the outstanding unanswered questions in planetary science.

Nasa Scientist Jen Heldmann Describes How The Earth’S Moon Was Formed

NASA scientist Jennifer Heldmann describes the most popular theory of how the solar system and Earth’s moon was formed. Below you can watch a short four-minute video of her explanation of the accretion theory.

We're The 'Waste' From Distant Stars

Ever since the classical Greek era when the earth, air, fire and water were believed to be the substance of the world, scientists have sought a unified picture of all the basic forces and building blocks of nature. They have sought the answer to t...

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