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Is Your Child Gender Sensitive?

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We often hear parents saying that boys don’t cry to their boy child. This boy will, in turn, probably grow up to say “Oh, you run like a girl” to other boys. Despite the progress, which we are making towards gender equality, sexism is still rampant in the society. The way to kill this social evil can only start from within the family.

An article in She Knows, written by Sherri Kuhn on the importance of gender-neutral parenting, says, “From the moment of birth, our actions and words impart certain expectations and assumptions about our baby girl or boy. He’s strong, smart and energetic while she is dainty, soft and cuddly.” This perspective brings to our light the gender stereotype we inadvertently resort to and common gender roles we succumb to. So the important question here becomes, are you dressing your girl in pink and boy in blue or buying your girl a barbie doll and boy a toy truck, because that is what they want or that is what you want them to want?

The best way to ensure you are raising a gender-sensitive child is to let them be who they want to be. For example, “Let your child choose what is best for him or her. If your boy wants to help his four-year-old sister set up her imaginary home, encourage him to do so,” says an article in iDIVA. Also, it is important to be encouraging of your child’s emotional quotient. If your girl wants to be angry at a bully or your boy wants to cry because his toy broke, let them express their feelings.

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