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Risk Factors For A Child's Mental Health

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It is never too early to think about your child’s mental health. A child’s mental health is closely related to his physical health and directly affects his ability to succeed, first in academics and later on in his profession.

Parenting style is an important factor that is very closely related to the emotional and psychological well-being of a child. A child has many emotional and physical needs. Sadly, many parents lack the skills to understand and fulfil their child’s needs. Parents struggling with their own mental health can neglect and abuse their child, causing permanent damage the child’s emotional well-being. Parental abuse and neglect can cause anxiety, depression, disassociation etc. in a child. Frequent conflict between parents also affects a child in many unfavourable ways. A child exposed to parental conflict may externalise his distress in the form of aggression, non-compliant behaviour etc.

There are several other factors that adversely affect the mental health of a child. For example, bullying can also cause mental problems in children. An article on livescience.com says that a study has found that children who are frequently bullied are more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder that may need treatment as an adult.

Therefore, it is important for parents to take care of their child’s mental health. Factors like supportive parenting, family harmony, strong family values etc. can go a long way in protecting the mental health of a child. Children deserve access to care that can help prevent and treat mental health problems. The American Psychological Association in an article ‘Children’s Mental Health’ says, “Psychologists have developed tools to assess the risk and protective factors for the mental health of children and youth, to test them for behavioral or emotional problems, and to continually monitor treatment progress”.

This ClipBook has been put together so that your role as a parent is more complete with a complete awareness of the issue of mental health in children.

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