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Divya Kumar, Certified

“Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for” - Jerry Seinfeld

Every parent would agree with the above quote and will swear by it! It is fun to watch your child grow up into a beautiful and healthy toddler and start with the nuisances of toddlerism. As mentioned on Livestrong, typical toddler development includes a leap forward in motor development, increase in mental reasoning skills and the beginnings of social and emotional growth.

If you have a toddler at home, you would know that he is able to walk and run, and explore on his own, and has an increased sense of autonomy. His vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds and he knows how to imitate you. Some of them turn out to be chatterboxes, practising the words and sentences they are learning every day. A toddler’s curious mind is always full of questions and will always want to know the ‘Why’s and ‘How’s of everything. In such circumstances, the trick is to be patient and answer all his queries. It all adds up to his cognitive development and building a sense of self.

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The Things Children Say

There’s nothing more fun than watching your baby learn to talk. The first word, the first time she says ‘amma’ or ‘thatha’ or ‘gagababababa’…. It’s exciting stuff.

The Parrot Paradox

Toddlers repeat what they hear. And what they mostly hear is you. So, the first time you say something in the heat of the moment, such as, “What was that fellow thinking? He’s so dumb!” and your daughter looks at you clear-eyed and says, “Who’s du...

The Chatterbox

There comes a stage of toddlerhood when conversation becomes a constant. My three-year-old has been in full-fledged chatterbox mode for the past few months. She starts talking the moment she wakes up in the morning, and stops only when she goes to...

Those Q And A Sessions

This is a rough transcript of the ‘conversation’ between my three-year-old and me during a less than 10-minute-long drive through our neighbourhood a couple of days ago. That’s roughly 1.2 questions a minute. And that’s actually below the daily av...

Tough Toddler Question Session

D: Amma, where do dinosaurs live? Me: They’re not alive anymore, baby. They’re gone. D: But where have they gone? Me (stumped): Uhm…

My Daughter, The Shopkeeper

Me: Can I have the green book? D: No! You want the blue book!

Miscellaneous Toddlerisms - Part I

D: Amma, I want to lie down on my lap. Me: You mean you want to lie down on amma’s lap? D (bending over and twisting her head onto her knee): No! I want to lie on D’s lap!

Miscellaneous Toddlerisms - Part Ii

Granddad: Where are your bangles? Disha: I don’t have my bangles. *pause* I only have my arm.

Miscellaneous Toddlerisms - Part Iii

D, running around the room with her arms stretched out in front of her: “I’m Super Princess! If any of my toys fall into the water, I’ll save them!”

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