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Unbelievable Toddler Photo Shoot Ideas

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A toddler is always curious, wanting to explore her surroundings and do all kinds of mischief. That is why taking her pictures is challenging yet a lot of fun. A parent desires to capture every phase of the child, starting from the newborn stage to the teens. Photography is also a useful tool to track the little one's many moods and antics, but often parents may not know how to engage the toddler and get the best out of a photoshoot. 

Well, here's help. Use props, go outdoors, catch the tiny tot by surprise or get candid. Now capturing your little one in the lens of your camera or mobile phone is easy. Just follow the amazing tips in this ClipBook to get the most stunning shots. A little effort and you will make memories that last forever.         


The 10 Pictures You'll Want To Take Of Your Tots Each Month

Toddlers grow really fast and parents can capture their changing features and mannerisms every month. For this particular photo, use natural light as much as possible. This means let lots of window light come in. Use reflectors to bounce the natur...

50 Toddler Shots To Improve Your Family Photography

Family photography is a very important part of many professional photographer's skills. To get a candid picture like this one, be alert. Keep your camera always ready since you never know when the little one will change the pose.

The Best Apps And Tricks For Toddler Photography

Toddlers are busy people with more important things to do than stop and pose for your camera. But it’s not impossible to get an amazing photo. If you are not happy with the background, you can keep it out of focus. That creates a good look and the...

Picture Perfect Photo Props

Props are a great addition to any toddler photo shoot. When you are using many bright colours for the prop, use a solid, dark background. Even the child's costume should be of a contrasting colour and always keep the subject as the focus point.

Perfect Outdoor Shots

We all love the spontaneity, spunkiness and curiosity of toddlers. But they are less likely to sit still for photos. If we minimise the amount of sitting in the sessions and focus on the surroundings, we will have the perfect picture. Shooting sno...

How To Get The Best Shots Of Your Kids

If you get down on the same level as a child to take their portrait, you give them power by allowing them to look into the camera straight on. Shooting 3/4th portraits always focus on the eye. Ask your child to face the opposite direction of the c...

10 Tips For Photographing Your Children

Shooting sports and action photographs of kids, like this one, is not very difficult but takes a bit of focus. The kid doesn’t have to jump too high. Instead, you can bend down or lie down and check how high the kid can jump. Visualise your frame ...

21 Creative Baby Photo Ideas

It is nice to be a little creative and offbeat when taking pictures of your baby or toddler. You can use props or try a parent-kid combination. The above image is a collage of two images. Such photographs can be shot against a white background. La...

15 Creative Ideas For Kids Photography

Balloons, bubbles, mirrors and much more -- these creative ideas make the process of taking pictures fun and bring out some amazing poses from the mischievous little one. Let the child play naturally and capture their reactions to these things. F...

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