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Unravelling 'new Horizons'

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Pluto New Horizons Spacecraft - In 60 Seconds

Watch and learn all about the New Horizons spacecraft which has travelled almost 3 billion miles through the solar system on its journey to Pluto. An American spacecraft almost three billion miles from Earth is about to get a close-up look at the ...

Destination Pluto: Nasa's New Horizons Mission In Pictures

See photos from NASA's New Horizons mission to explore the dwarf planet Pluto.

New Horizons: A Look At Its 9-Year Journey To Pluto

Nine years and three billion miles after NASA's New Horizons probe blasted off on a mission to Pluto, the space probe made its historic encounter with the dwarf planet. Here's a look back at the nearly decade-long journey.

New Horizons: Mission Timeline

The first 13 months included spacecraft and instrument checkouts, instrument calibrations, small trajectory correction maneuvers and rehearsals for the Jupiter encounter. New Horizons passed the orbit of Mars on April 7, 2006; it also tracked a sm...

7 Reasons Why The New Horizons Pluto Mission Is A Big Deal

New Horizons has been en route for nine years, traveling more than 3 billion miles. The flyby will be over in a matter of minutes, as the probe frantically takes hundreds of photos and collects data on Pluto's atmosphere, geology, and moons. All t...

Pluto's Time To Shine - A Guide And Timetable

Countdown to discovery! Not since Voyager 2’s flyby of Neptune in 1989 have we flung a probe into the frozen outskirts of the Solar System. Speeding along at 30,800 miles per hour New Horizons will pierce the Pluto system like a smartly aimed arro...

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