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Ways To Help The Environment

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Help the environment, and it will help future generations. As a parent, it is your role to advocate green living and encourage your child to have great regard for the environment. This ClipBook contains articles that give you small ways through which you can help the environment.

One such article in Green Living Bees advises you to use paper sparingly and make your kid do the same. “Teach your kids not to waste the pages of their notebooks and writing pads. A green board or a white board is the perfect tool for doodling and practice their writing skills. Before buying new notebooks at the beginning of each school season, ask your kids to check if there are unused pages from the ones they used last year. These pages can still be compiled and recycled,” it reads.

However, helping the environment as a family would entail much more than preserving paper and planting trees. There are lot of ways you can go a step beyond and give back to the environment. Choosing eco-friendly toys for your child is one such way, as toys should also be safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic, in addition to being attractive and entertaining. This way, you are not just helping the environment, but also protecting your child.

To know more of such simple and adaptable ways through which you can do your part towards environmental well being, take a look through our ClipBook.


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