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Why Family Vacations Are Necessary

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Constant work pressure, an inability to take a break from office, and a plethora of entertainment options within the city for both parents and children often translate into one thing – constant postponement of the family vacation. But you need not lose hope. The long weekends, which occasionally find a way into our calendars, can easily be turned into a mini vacation with the family. It may not be an exotic holiday destination halfway across the globe, but even a quiet picnic or night out at a popular spot near your city can lead to some quality family time.

The importance of family vacations cannot be overstated, especially when work-related stress seems to be at an all-time high. These vacations do double duty – they are a great way of bonding as a family and they offer much-needed respite from a gruelling work routine, leading to some essential rest and rejuvenation. As Psychology Today, in reporting the study of Purdue University Xinran Lehto-led researchers, states, “Vacations promote what is called the ‘crescive bond’ (in sociological parlance, a ‘shared experience’) by fostering growing and enduring connections. Shared family memories and time spent together, isolated from ordinary everyday activities (school, work, and so on) help to promote these positive ties.” For some great ideas and tips on travelling with family, take a look at our ClipBook.

However, you will have to do a lot of planning before you head for a family vacation with the little ones. There are so many aspects to consider and The Guardian breaks it down for us in the article, ‘50 top tips for travelling with kids’.

So, why wait? Give your calendar a good scan and grab the next chance to make the most of a long weekend.


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